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The Librarians – “And the Horns of a Dilemma” Recap

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EW.com – This week on The Librarians, we finally get into the meat of it. Nobody loves Noah Wyle’s adorably nerdy hero Flynn Carsen more than I, but if this show is going to be about the Potentials, we need to see them, ya know, potentializing. Trust is the theme of the night: Eve trusting the Librarians to handle themselves in the field, Cassandra trusting a thief to lead her blindly into the heart of a maze, and Jake reiterating his belief to never trust anyone. Quick! To the stacks!

There’s a Whedonesque feel to tonight’s adventure as a guy in a suit is dragged down the halls of an office by an unseen, growling monster. This is overseen by two figures in black monks’ cloaks who, after the suit has been eaten, casually discuss ordering turkey panini for the next budget meeting. Very Cabin in the Woods. Say, that’s Tricia Helfer decloaking!

Eve has been running the Librarians ragged with field training. They’re chomping at the bit to get out and help people with all the weird that shows up daily in the clippings book. Jenkins is ready to dump them in the deep end and trust that the good ones will learn to swim. He also has his own little workshop tucked in a back room where the elves man the naughty or nice lists. Hey, you don’t know there aren’t any elves back there. It’s a big annex!

The missing-person case Eve finally agrees to takes them to Golden Axe Foods in Boston. The cool part is how the Librarians get to Boston, via a wormhole created by hooking a globe up to the broom-closet door with jumpe r cables. It flipbooks through door options, finally settling on one that leads into Boston’s Back Bay. Nifty. Bet there’s a door that opens in the Louvre …

Golden Axe Foods’ CEO, Karen Willis (Tricia Helfer), is shocked—shocked, she says!—at the news that seven of her interns have gone missing. It might have something to do with the BYOS (Bring Your Own String) magical labyrinth stashed in the basement of their skyscraper, one straight out of Greek mythology that features its very own minotaur and his private room of carefully stacked human skulls. (read more at the source … )

‘The Librarians’ Premiere Wins With Ratings; Cable’s #1 New Series Launch of the Year

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movienewsguide.com – TNT was right to do a spinoff of “The Librarians” TV movies into its own TV show. The 10-episode series, which had its two-hour debut last Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014, raked high numbers in the ratings to become the number one new series launch on cable for the year. Read on for more about this news.

According to TVLine, “The Librarians” had a solid debut in the 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. timeslot last Sunday when it earned a total of 5.4 million viewers. The encore presentation added more viewers, rounding its launch to a viewership of 7.3 million.

The show was especially appealing among adults in the 25-54 demo, where it earned 2.9 million viewers, while it earned 2.3 million viewers among adults in the 18-49 demo.

With this, “The Librarians” has surpassed the premiere ratings of “The Last Ship,” which previously held the record for the most successful cable series launch for the year. The show debuted in June 2014 to 5.3 million viewers, according to TV Guide. Incidentally, “The Last Ship” is also under the TNT banner and will return next summer for a second season.

“The Librarians” and “The Last Ship” now join other high rating TNT shows like “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Major Crimes,” and “Falling Skies” as part of the Top 10 scripted series on basic cable for 2014. In a press release on Zap2it, it’s stated that six of the Top 10 shows on basic cable this year belong to TNT.

“The Librarians” stars Rebecca Romijn (“X-Men”), Christian Kane (“Leverage”), Lindy Booth (“Dawn of the Dead”) and John Kim (“Neighbors”) and Emmy awardee John Larroquette (“Night Court”) as protectors of the world’s best-kept and most valuable mystical treasures. The show originally started as a TV movie starring Noah Wyle (“Falling Skies”), who was also featured in the premiere episodes of the series. The TV series is set for 10 episodes for the first season. The franchise is produced by Dean Devlin, Marc Roskin, John Rogers and Noah Wyle under Electric Entertainment.

Catch “The Librarians” every Sundays on TNT at 8:00 p.m. Keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the updates, spoilers and recaps.

Exclusive: Leverage will return as a movie, says star Christian Kane

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digitalspy.com – Leverage will return as a movie, star Christian Kane has insisted.

The series was canceled by TNT after five seasons in 2012, but Kane told Digital Spy that executive producer Dean Devlin is in talks about a film follow-up.

“Leverage is not dead,” said the actor, who played tough guy Eliot Spencer. “It didn’t end – we [just] got canceled, but there’s a movie coming – trust me!

“Dean Devlin is very much in talks with [the cast] and everybody else and there will be a Leverage movie. Make no mistake about it.”

Kane added that he was “absolutely not” satisfied with the way in which the original television series ended.

“We had another 10 years in our belt, with the stories that we could’ve done,” he said. “We weren’t in jeopardy, we should’ve gone longer, but that’s just how it is.”

Christian Kane stars in The Librarians – starting tonight (Monday, December 8) at 8pm on Syfy.

The Librarians – “1.01 & 1.02″ Recaps

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Someone is killing off potential Librarians and it’s up to Flynn Carsen and his new Guardian, Colonel Eve Baird, to save the three that are left.

The Serpent Brotherhood is trying to return magic to our world. Flynn, Colonel Baird, and the potential Librarians must stop them before it’s too late.

Christian Kane interview: Angel, The Librarians, Statham

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denofgeek.com – Sarah chats to Angel’s Christian Kane about new Syfy show The Librarians, Joss Whedon, Jason Statham and more…

Libraries are a little bit magical, aren’t they? They’re one of the few places you’re still asked to be quiet and reverential; they’re packed full of all sorts of knowledge and stories; and they’re organised due to some kind of arcane system that the average person on the street won’t have a hope of navigating. Okay, so nowadays you can learn pretty much anything you want to know just by firing up Wikipedia, but there’s still something impressive about all those words being housed in one place. In both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, libraries are places for arcane magic to take place.

In a series of TV movies from the early 2000s starring Noah Wyle, librarians are mystical guardians of all kinds of magic. The idea clearly still has a lot of resonance, because a spin-off series is about to kick off, starring Christian Kane and Rebecca Romijn as trainee librarians taking their turn to save the world. I had a chat to former evil-Buffyverse lawyer Christian Kane ahead of its premiere…

Right, so, The Librarians. Tell me about the show – I’m hearing early comparisons to The X Files, is that fair?
You know, that’s good, but – you know, I always like to have a different take. With Leverage, a lot of people said it was like Mission: Impossible, but I thought it was The A Team. So my take is that it’s kind of Indiana Jones, with a lot of magic.

The X Files sounds smart, and our head writer and creator of our show, John, is such a great writer, and he has a team of ninjas behind him, the whole writing staff, but in the role, I like to call it Indiana Jones with magic.

It’s based on the TV movies, do we need to have seen those to get up to speed?
Uh, no, you actually don’t. It would be fun if you did. Noah Wyle did such a terrific job with The Librarian that it would get you up to speed if you check them out, but we have such great writers and it’s a whole new show so you can just start there. I promise you, though, that you will better yourself, and be entertained, if you watch them. But if you miss them, you’ll be able to figure out it.

So they’re like optional background reading, not mandatory homework?

So what first attracted you to the role?
Well, it’s the same bosses, Mr Dean Devlin, who created Independence Day and The Patriot, and John Rogers who created Leverage, so anything I can do to work with these guys, I’m gonna do. So when I heard about this, and John and Dean called and said “hey we’ve got a role for you”, of course I wanted to be a part of it.

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