Feb 13, 2015

examiner.com – Ready for more “Librarians” fun? Well, you should be, because on Thursday, Feb. 12, TNT announced that it has renewed the fantasy-adventure series for a second season.

“The Librarians” premiered in December and finished the year as basic cable’s #2 new series of 2014 (“The Last Ship” was #1), and its success has extended across the network’s multiple platforms. It averaged 11.4 million viewers each week through linear telecasts, DVR playback and VOD, digital and mobile viewing. It is produced by Electric Entertainment, with executive producers Dean Devlin, John Rogers, Mark Roskin and Noah Wyle.

The TNT series followed up on the hit movie franchise, starring Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen, and he recurred throughout the first season. Season 1 also brought in a new team of Librarians in Training (Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Kim), their Guardian (Rebecca Romijn) and the caretaker (John Larroquette). The first season ended with Jenkins’ real identity of Galahad confirmed, the Librarians-in-training graduating and heading off on their own adventures (though the plan is to still team up every once in a while, which they did right off the bat) and Eve and Flynn finally having the chance to go on a date, but Librarian-style.

TNT has ordered 10 episodes for season 2, scheduled to air later this year. What season 2 will look like with the Librarians having graduated has yet to be seen, but hopefully there will be more Flynn Carsen. With “Falling Skies” airing its final season this summer, that may be possible.

“The Librarians” will be back for a second season on TNT.

Jan 21, 2015

EW.com – In the season finale of The Librarians, the Librarian and the Guardian jump timelines. Eve and Flynn see what might have been had Flynn never taken the job or Jake, Ezekiel, or Cassandra been chosen as the sole Librarian.

The setup: Flynn has sent the Librarians a message to meet him in an Egyptian tomb, where they fight off mummies. He makes his entrance by grabbing the right medallion to reduce the mummies to sand. Honey, I’m home! Flynn believes he has figured out how to anchor the Library back to their reality, and the sarcophagus holds the key. Quick, to the Annex!

The plan: There’s an interdimensional doorway in the pyramids, much like the Annex doorway, that leads to the Void where the Library is stashed. The sarcophagus is carved with the equations to access that door, equations too big even for Cassandra’s brain. It may re-anchor the Library to the Annex, but only if Flynn can find a reality-altering guide linked to a dimensional-shifting device, along with some kind of software that interfaces with magic to do the math to make up for not having an actual pyramid. As Flynn puts it, “You have anything like that lying around?”

Actually, they do: They have the reality-altering storybook to power the magic, software from Morgan le Fay to do the math, and Tesla’s dimensional stabilizer to hold it together. Plus the ball of twine from the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Turns out the Clippings Book was sending the Librarians after the items they’d need all along. They hook it all up, but find the equation needs to be read like a story. “Once upon a time …” (read more at the source … )

Jan 21, 2015

tvequals.com – Based on the series of television movies starring Noah Wyle (Falling Skies) as an adventurous librarian, TNT’s The Librarians picks up where the films left off, only know there is a team of Librarians set out to set save the world by reclaiming one artifact at a time. Christian Kane plays an integral role in the team as a brain who wants to be the brawn.

Fans fell in love with Christian Kane thanks to his roles on hit dramas like Angel and Leverage. Now the actor is bringing his natural charm to Jake, The Librarians resident art enthusiast. Recently, TV Equals chatted with Kane about taking on the role of Jake, his passion for the series and much more.

TV Equals: Will you tell us a little bit about The Librarians? Do you think it will be inviting to both new viewers and fans of the franchise?
Christian Kane: Oh man, it’s Indiana Jones on crack. There is so much magic in this thing it is just beautiful. We are trying to walk down Noah Wyle’s path that he paved for us. Ten years to the date, on December 7th, is when the first movie premiered, and he did three of them. Now we are fortunate enough to get to ride his coattails with the show. He is an unbelievable actor, a dear friend of mine and a great asset to the show. We are just having the time of our lives.

TV Equals: What was your first reaction when you read the script?
Christian Kane: Well, it was fun for me because John Rogers, who I worked with on Leverage, kind of wrote the role with me in mind. John was nice enough to base this character a little bit on me and what an honor, what a blessing to have a writer of John Rogers’ caliber to trust me in a role like this.

It’s something different than I have ever played before. I didn’t even trust myself going into it. There is a lot of comedy, and I wasn’t sure how to make fun of myself after five years on Leverage. John put the words out there, then Noah Wyle showed me that it is okay to put myself out there and it is okay to make fun of yourself. I trusted both of them and I developed the character that way.

TV Equals: How would you describe your character Jake?
Christian Kane: I would describe him as a good ole boy. He was very smart growing up in Oklahoma and that is just something you don’t do there. It’s not so much like that anymore, but when I was growing up, you kind of hid it and didn’t let your friends know. You wanted to be a tough guy, you wanted to be a beer drinker, you wanted to be a bar brawler—when you were really smart, you wanted to keep it under your belt.

Jan 15, 2015

EW.com – This week, the Librarians make like some meddling kids in a haunted-house homage. But this is really Cassandra’s episode, as she struggles to assert an active role on the team rather than merely being Math Girl support. But first, a haunting!

The magical ley lines have broken, and Jenkins has sent the Librarians to the Slovakian forest to mend them. Left unanchored, the ley lines may build up and explode all over Slovakia. Cassandra visualizes the wavy vertices of unanchored ley lines on the multidimensional map, but bristles when Ezekiel calls her Math Girl. A handheld device that goes PING! shows the ley lines have converged nearby. Broken ley lines mean wild magic, which can translate into a powerful haunting. Like, say, in the nearby 19th-century American frontier house randomly located in the middle of the Slovakian forest from which a young woman covered in blood (Katie) just fled? Looks like.

A-haunting they must go!

Cassandra passes out scrolls that will anchor the energies when positioned in the house at the cardinal directions. She strongly objects when Eve sidelines her to watch over Katie while she, Ezekiel, and Jake set the scrolls. Despite successfully anchoring the ley lines, the Librarians must still save Katie’s missing friends from the malevolent house. Each room sports the same wonky painting of the house with a very unhappy looking family. Jake realizes the house’s dimensions are off when the upstairs hall goes all wibbly-wobbly. To add to the creep factor, Eve has a vision of Kate’s missing friends being attacked by a Smoke Man with a crate hammer. When finally contacted, Jenkins congratulates her on turning a bad situation into a worst-case scenario. “Huh-zah-ha!” he singsongs. Jenkins may have a lower profile this week, but he makes it count! (read more at the source … )

Jan 15, 2015

EW.com – Tonight, the Librarians go back to high school, where science and magic mix to killing effect. Jenkins’ ancient past returns, and the mysteries of the Library deepen.

It’s the Librarians’ day off, so naturally, they’re all at the Annex pursuing personal projects. Fun times are canceled, though, when the Clippings Book freaks out in a spectacular new way. Something apocalyptic is going on at the Chicago STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Fair, also known as Comic Con for science brainiacs. Or, possibly, RAW.

The setup: Magic has infiltrated the science fair, systematically eliminating the top-tier competition and leaving the Librarians to search for the magical among the empirical—like when a baking-soda volcano explodes with real fire and magma.

Cassandra is giddy to be back among her people. More than any of the other Librarians, she understands these kids and their parental pressures. The fair’s sponsor, Lucinda McCabe (Alicia Witt), awkwardly mistakes the crew for the county librarians judging the competition, leaving them free to wander the fair. There’s a short montage of exhibits, from complicated physics equations to detailed models of molecular cloning, where a hands-on Science Mom dominates her embarrassed daughter, Amy’s, exhibit. (read more at the source … )

Jan 5, 2015

EW.com – This week, the Librarians go into the woods in an entertaining allegory about the power of story to change lives, for good or for bad. In team relationship progress, Jake cheerfully reiterates that he likes working with Cassandra but will never trust her, which mightily bothers Cassandra. Ezekiel continues to be a self-centered douchebag/lovable rascal who’s only interested in being a Librarian for the fun parts, like stealing artifacts and traveling the world. Though he does save the day. So there’s that.

After a troll attacks a traffic stop on a bridge, the Librarians learn that fairy tales are coming to life and attacking people. In these stories, heroes die, are dismembered, and/or fall into magical comas that last for centuries, so we’re using the Grimm canon tonight. This explains the enormous white wolf in a nightcap that’s terrorizing the quaint town of Bremen. Jake fells the wolf with one huge toss of a hatchet that he suddenly has in hand. Thwack.

Through a process of elimination of all magical items, curses, and paradoxes he’s listed on the blackboard, Jenkins breaks the culprit down to either the Mother Goose Treaty of 1918 or Aesop’s Lyre—but definitely not the Libris Fabula, which has been lost for centuries and is “the really nasty one.” Winner!

To be sure, they have to retrieve the giant white wolf from the bar freezer, where it’s being stored and do an autopsy. Cue the hijinks caper where Jake and Ezekiel sneak the wolf out the back while Cassandra and Eve distract the bartender. (read more at the source … )

Dec 31, 2014

EW.com – Seismic catastrophes are erupting all over the world—two in Japan!—and the Librarians scurry around the Annex to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the ruckus. This historiographical melee is interrupted by the rattling of the Door of Wonders. Ezekiel ducks under the desk. Eve grabs her gun. Jake grabs a sword. Cassandra … picks up a book. Hey, it’s a really heavy book!

The Librarians turn toward the Door of WondersFlynn is back! And dressed like the Gorton’s Fisherman, thanks to a dragon-created typhoon in Japan. He’s also surprised (if happy) to see all the Potentials still alive and well. The earthquakes, he explains, are the pissed-off dragons waking up to wreak all the havoc that can be wreaked. There’s also this 3,000-year-old blood feud between Eastern and Western dragons, which Flynn and Jenkins depict as being like the East Coast/West Coast hip-hop rivalry of the late 1990s. Word up.

Flynn immediately assumes command, which puts Eve in a twist, as she’s been leading quite well in his absence, thank you very much. His heavy-handed return undermines her authority and upsets the Librarians’ well-oiled apple cart. Heh. Perfect pun is perfect.

Flynn is more concerned with the imminent arrival of the Eastern dragon representative, Mr. Drake, while Ezekiel is all about his delayed pizza delivery. But when the doorbell rings, it’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno. Mr. Drake and Flynn are too late to stop a clueless Ezekiel from inadvertently claiming to be the Library’s arbiter and invoking an intercession of dragons. All this time as a Librarian, and this kid hasn’t learned when to keep his mouth shut yet? (read more at the source … )

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