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‘Tinker’ Extended Trailer for Kickstarter

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Christian loves Portland and Oklahoma and his wolf-dog hybrid

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Christian Kane loves everything about Portland — except its law against keeping a wolf as a pet.

The actor has lived in Portland for parts of the last five years while filming “Leverage” and now “The Librarians.”

Kane was a regular on “Leverage,” playing a character nicknamed “The Hitter,” and plays a different role, as an art history expert, on “The Librarians.” Both shows are produced by Electric Entertainment and Kane has built up a devoted following of fans who call themselves “Kaniacs.” He’s also a musician who’s released several albums.

Kane talked about his career to a group of international journalists during a break in shooting “The Librarians” at Cathedral Park in North Portland on Tuesday. When he was asked about Portland, the 40-year-old actor was full of compliments.
“I love Portland. I mean, it’s become a second home for me,” Kane said. “I was fortunate enough to be here for five years doing ‘Leverage’ and now I’m back, so this is like six and a half years. We filmed the first season of ‘Leverage’ in L.A.

“I just love it. I’m from Oklahoma. I’m Cherokee Indian. I love the rain. Some people can’t handle it. I live in Los Angeles when this is over and it’s just hot. It’s nothin’ but hot. So when I come here there’s a magic about it. There’s a romance to the city. It’s misty. It’s intriguing. I like that. That’s just kind of like me.”

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Noah, Rebecca and Christian film new TV series, ‘The Librarians,’ in Oregon

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-cc76843d418089eaCLACKAMAS — Noah Wyle is nailing it.

Take after take, Wyle spits out a rapid-fire page of dialogue, playing easily off an ensemble cast that includes John Larroquette, Rebecca Romijn and Christian Kane, while wearing a yellow rain slicker and overalls. The one time Wyle flubs his lines, he curses, laughs and apologizes as camera operators and technicians flood the soundstage and set up the shot one more time.

Then it’s back to it. Wyle and Larroquette give slightly different line readings on different takes, giving a subtle shading in one direction or another. Each time the scene ends with Romijn leading Wyle off the soundstage by the nose, and each time they’re smiling as they break character and move toward a cluster of foreign journalists watching on a monitor.

Welcome to Hollywood on the Clackamas. There’s a large production studio with the biggest blue screen stage in the Northwest hidden behind some warehouses off Highway 212. Parts of the first “Twilight” movie were filmed here, and so were many of the 77 episodes of “Leverage,” and, not coincidentally, so is “The Librarians,” a new TNT series starring Wyle, Romijn, Larroquette and Kane. They’ve been shooting here and around the state, about half the time on set and half on location, since March and are scheduled to wrap the 10-episode season by the end of the month. The first episode airs in December.

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Happy Birthday!

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All the best to Christian who celebrates his 40th Birthday today. Hope it is a great one!

Interview with Film Freak Show

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