Timothy Hutton – Nathan Ford
Aldis Hodge – Alec Hardison
Christian Kane – Eliot Spencer (The Hitter)
Beth Riesgraf – Parker
Gina Bellman – Sophie Devereaux


Leverage is about a group of ciminals who, led by a former insurance investigator, con other criminals to help innocent people. The team consists of Sophie (the grifter), Hardison (the hacker), Eliot (the hitter), Parker (the thief) and Nate (the mastermind).

Eliot Spencer

Eliot is the muscle of the team and frequently takes out the bad guys with his impressive fighting skills. He seems to be constantly angry, but from time to time we can catch a glimpse at his softer side.
Interesting Facts:
He hates guns.
He grows his own food.
He doesn’t have a tv.

Some Quotes from the Show

Eliot: What are you going to do when she finds out you still live with your mom?
Hardison: Age of the geek, baby. We run the world.
Eliot: You keep telling yourself that.

Parker: You ID’ed the weapon from the gunshot sound?
Eliot: It has a very distinctive sound.

Hardison: You ID’ed a guy off his knife fighting style?
Eliot: It’s a very distinctive style.

Eliot: Hardison, how am I supposed to get out of the FBI offices with a box full of surveillance tapes, huh?
Hardison: Punch somebody!
Eliot: Oh, I’m gonna punch somebody.

Eliot: You got a tell.
Hardison: I have a tell?
Eliot: Yeah.
Hardison: In Rock-Paper-Scissors?
Eliot: Yeah, go.

Eliot: I was just getting used to it.
Sophie: What? Having an office?
Eliot: Being part of a team.

Eliot: [roleplaying] I love apples. Apples are my favorite fruit.
Parker: Good for you, Sparky.
Eliot: I-I don’t have to sit here and take this crap.
Sophie: Go on. Just do it for me.
Eliot: You have an orange, alright? Now convince me that I want the orange, not the apple. Gonna take a bite. You-you…
Parker: I put a razorblade in that apple!
Eliot Spencer: Are you serious?
Parker: Maybe. But do you know what doesn’t have a razorblade in it? This orange. Don’t you want it?

Hardison: Are you listening to me?
Eliot: Yeah, you’re explaining to me why you’re still a virgin.


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