Christian Michael Kane was born in Dallas, Texas on June 27, 1974.
Before settling down in Norman, Oklahoma his family moved around a lot.

Chris attended the University of Oklahoma and wanted to major in Art History, but he decided to move to Los Angeles to become an actor, before he could finish his degree.
In L.A. he started working in the mailroom of a talent agency, before he landed his first role in the tv show Fame L.A. in 1997. Only two years (and two projects) later he landed the role
of Lindsey McDonald on the tv show Angel.
At the moment you can catch Chris on the TNT series Leverage.

Chris is not only an actor, but also a singer and songwriter. His band Kane has already released two albums, and a solo album is set to be released this year.

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Heaven Sent (2015)
Billy Taylor
Echoing in the deepest depths of space, a humble prayer ascends: One from Maire Taylor, a smart, beautiful businesswoman who asks that her husband find the strength and wisdom to let go of their 9 year old marriage ... While a second prayer simultaneously comes from Billy Taylor, a hopelessly romantic artist who asks that his wife receive the strength and wisdom to hold on.
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Tinker (2015)
A hermit farmer discovers his late father's secret journal containing plans to a magnetic powered machine that could change the world, while unexpectedly becoming custodian of his gifted 6 year old nephew, after his mom's untimely death.
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The Librarians (2014-)
Jake Stone
A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts.
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